Would you like to sponsor a Child? You can do so by giving to one of these ministries.

St. Justin Children’s Home

St. Justin Children’s Home was founded to create opportunity for disabled children from rural areas to have a home from where they would have access to special education and health care. The children come from areas where there are no schools which provide special education. The home has children who are crippled, deaf, blind, and with down syndrome.

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Jipe Moyo “Courage” Center

Jipe Moyo is a home to vulnerable children who are survivors from homelessness / street children, run away from arranged child marriage, abusive situations, trafficked children for labor and other immaral/illegal activities, and female genital mutilation. The center has children as young as five years old. There are orphans, children with abusive parents, and children who do not know their parents.

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St. Consolata Pre and Primary School

Over 95% students from Baraki village do not make it to high schools due to poor quality of education that they receive from public schools. Parents, therefore, asked the sisters for a pre-school for their children, to prepare the kids before they started first grade. The Sisters responded to the parents’ request by opening St. Consolata Pre- and Primary School at Baraki. The main language of instruction is English, which enables students to have good foundation in the English language when they are still very young.

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