St.  Consolata School:  Center for Academic Success


St. Consolata Pre- and Primary School is a Catholic School established at the request of parents from Baraki Village.  The parents had two reasons for their request:

  • The quality of teaching at local public schools was not enabling their children to pass national exams. In fact, it was so rare for any of these children to go to secondary school that parents decided a Catholic School would be the answer. They believed this would provide high quality teaching, enabling their children to continue with studies beyond a primary education.
  • The local people have a poverty-driven tradition of child brides, in which a girl as young as a toddler can be exchanged for money or cows. Normally, a girl who is a victim of this practice never goes to school. The buyer takes her to his home anytime he wants and the girl becomes the buyer’s property! The parentssome of whom were victims of this child bride traditionbelieved that education would change this slavery. They believed that their dream would come true if they had a Catholic School in their village.

Although St. Consolata has only had three graduations since it opened its doors, all students who graduated are now in secondary school.  Everyone in the class of 2018 averaged a score of “A” on the national exams except for one, who scored a “B.” St. Consolata ranks number one in the county, and 84 among 6,772 schools nationwide! The parents’ expectations are happening.

The impact of academic success has been remarkable locally and far away, beyond the location of the school. The following two examples show the impact:

  • Erengo Public Primary School: Ten minutes walking distance from St. Consolata School
  • Kyabebi Public Primary School: 30 minutes walking distance from St. Consolata School

After St. Consolata’s first graduation (class of 2016), Erengo and Kyabebi students wanted to transfer to St. Consolata School so they too could go to secondary schools upon graduation. In response, Erengo and Kyabebi teachers knew they had to improve their teaching methods if they were to keep their students enrolled and see them go to secondary school as well. In addition to Erengo and Kyabebi, many other schools in the region have improved so much that more and more of their students are now passing national exams and going to secondary school.

Students who went to secondary schools:

Nearby Public Schools
Class of 2016
Class of 2016
Class of 2016

In addition to Erengo and Kyabebi, many schools in the region now mention the academic success of students at St. Consolata School as their motivation. They strongly believe that going to school in a rural area does not necessarily mean that students cannot succeed.  While students’ parents (as well as the students themselves) want education beyond a primary education, teachers also want their students to go on to secondary schools, just like those at St. Consolata School.

Why study at St. Consolata School (according to students and parents)

  • English Medium Curriculum: Students master English and Swahili (national language) at early age. No school in the area has adopted this curriculum.
  • Students are sure of continuing with education beyond primary school. They all pass national exams
  • They are sure of eating (many people go hungry during famine)
  • They can study at night (those at home have no lights at night

Dormitory Construction:

Matching Challenge: Your Gift is Doubled!

The construction of half of one of the two dormitories for 100 students began in February 2019.  The cost of building half a dormitory is $100,000.

An anonymous donor who visited the school and participated in the construction of classrooms is very impressed by the progress made so far and has offered a $50,000 matching gift challenge, which will match, dollar for dollar, every donation.  This means donations will be doubled until $50,000 is met. Please consider supporting this dormitory construction.

We thank you for your generous support of this project!      


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