Jipe Moyo “Courage” Center

Jipe Moyo is a home to vulnerable children who are survivors from homelessness / street children, run away from arranged child marriage, abusive situations, trafficked children for labor and other immaral/illegal activities, and female genital mutilation. The center has children as young as five years old. There are orphans, children with abusive parents, and children who do not know their parents. These children stay at Jipe Moyo and go to school. Counselling help these children to cope with their trauma from their past. Those who can be reunited with their parents, and can live in safe environment eventually go home, but the rest stay at Jipe Moyo as their permanent home. The Center also provides couselling, self reliance projects, and training to families who suffer from losses or illnesses due to the HIV/AIDS.

DONATE TO the Jipe Moyo “Courage” Center BELOW:

$300 provides food, clothes and health care for a child per year; $200 keeps a child in primary school per year; $400 keeps a child in a secondary school per year.